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New Music Alert!

Beware the "Flying Monkeys"! This is a brand new country/blues tune coming out on May 31st 2024.
If you dig the sound of raw rootsy acoustic music featuring harmonica and resonator slide guitar, this one is for you!

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Work Hard, Blues Hard!

All songs written, performed and recorded by Don Rigden.

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Work Hard, Blues Hard!

Honest, heart-felt lyrics accompany gravelly vocals, wailing blues harp and mean sounding slide guitar to create a gritty, un-polished sound. Its the type of music you can expect to hear when you walk into your local watering hole on a Friday night after a hard work week.

Don Rigden is as blue collar as it gets. He has worked as a lumberjack, a mechanic and currently is a paving equipment operator. He started his musical journey way back in 2003 after acquiring his first harmonica (he couldn’t afford a guitar at the time) and quickly fell in love with the instrument. He began jamming with other musicians in 2006 and made many friends in the musical world including his long time friend Colin “Houndog” Braithwaite. The two would go on to head several bands including The Calgary Blueshounds and MMI.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the local live music scene shut down and Don stepped back in order to pursue a solo project called BluesmanDon. The idea was to finally hash out all of the homegrown original tunes he had written over the years, many of them unfinished sitting on the back burner. All of the music featured is written, performed and recorded by BluesmanDon.

Enjoy blues fans!

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The world is my temple. Life is my sermon. My heart is my testament. Music is my prayer.

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